“Diana Hananga Stingo Wakati Wa Mechi, Anapenda Kifo Cha Mende peke”, Bahati Exposes wife Diana B

It appears that Bahati and Diana Marua have embraced a lifestyle devoid of privacy within their relationship. This famous pair has deliberately opted to unveil their entire personal lives on various social media platforms, willingly allowing the public into the depths of their romantic journey, even divulging intimate details that extend to their most private moments.

During a family retreat in Naivasha, Bahati and Diana decided to unwind with some alcohol shots, seeking relief from the demands of the initial five months of 2023. Diana, known for her penchant for capturing moments on video, recorded as Bahati’s intoxicated state became evident through his slurred speech.

In a moment of openness, Bahati candidly discussed their intimate matters, being quite explicit. He introduced a unique term, “Kifo Cha Mende” (Dead Cockroach), referring to a specific intimate style where he believes Diana excels, contrary to the public’s perception of her proficiency in other styles.

Bahati further claimed that Diana often brags about their drunken adventures on social media, promising a fervent encounter. However, he asserted that, contrary to her claims, Diana is usually too intoxicated to walk, necessitating Bahati to assist her to bed.

The couple’s choice to expose nearly every facet of their private life has resulted in the revelation of numerous intimate secrets. Diana’s unwavering dedication to documenting and sharing their experiences has left little room for confidentiality, laying bare the complexities of their relationship for all to witness.