Couple go viral as they use TUKTUK for their wedding

Recently, a couple from kiambu went viral on social media for their unique wedding transport – a TukTuk. For those unfamiliar, a TukTuk is a small, three-wheeled vehicle commonly used as a taxi .

The couple, kelvin and mukami, decided to incorporate the TukTuk into their wedding as a nod to their cultural roots and to add a touch of quirkiness to their big day. They used the TukTuk as their official wedding car, with kelvin arriving at the venue in style, accompanied by his groomsmen.

The couple’s TukTuk wedding quickly gained popularity on social media, with people all over the world sharing pictures and videos of the unique transportation. Many were impressed by the couple’s creativity and their willingness to embrace their culture in such a fun and memorable way.

While a TukTuk may not be the most traditional wedding car, it definitely added a unique and memorable touch to the couple’s special day. It also served as a reminder to embrace cultural traditions and to not be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to planning a wedding.

Overall, kelvin and mukami’s TukTuk wedding was a refreshing change from the typical white wedding car, and it goes to show that there are many ways to personalize and make a wedding truly one-of-a-kind.