Babushka: The Kisii University Law Student Who Won A Car For His Tik Tok Dancing

Kennedy Matiba Orioba, who goes by the moniker Babushka, has risen to fame as a TikTok sensation, captivating audiences with his distinctive dance moves and unwavering positivity.

Babushka’s viral dance videos, featuring notable figures such as Lulu Hassan and Moya David, have amassed millions of views on various social media platforms.

Despite his unique physical abilities, this Kisii University law student has garnered an impressive following of over 800,000 on TikTok, an achievement that has led to lucrative brand endorsements from several Kenyan companies.

His remarkable dedication, exuberant energy, and optimistic outlook have inspired his fans to such an extent that one admirer even gifted him a brand-new car.

Here’s his journey as narrated by us:


Kennedy Orioba, known as Babushka, hails from Moheto Village in Migori County. As the eldest of two siblings, he was encouraged by his neighbors to pursue a career in law. They believed that a profession like law, which didn’t require extensive physical mobility, would be an ideal fit for him. After completing his high school education, he enrolled in a law degree program at Kisii University.

His passion for law was further ignited by his fascination with the work of judges, politicians, and other legal professionals. He holds a deep admiration for Siaya Governor James Orengo, a renowned lawyer, and aspires to become an advocate of the high court to champion the rights of differently-abled individuals.

The Babushka Nickname

During an interview on KTN, Orioba revealed that he adopted the name “Babushka” in homage to the renowned pop star Asap Rocky, who occasionally goes by the moniker “Babushka Boy.” He chose the name to set himself apart and become the “Kenyan Babushka.”

According to him, “Babushka” signifies “Green,” symbolizing boldness, which perfectly mirrors his distinctive appearance and personality. He wears this name with pride. He also acknowledges the unwavering support of his parents, who exposed him to opportunities and took pride in his achievements, in contrast to other parents who may conceal their disabled children’s abilities.

Diverse Talents

Babushka is more than just a dancer; he is a versatile content creator with talents in acting, dance, acrobatics, public speaking, and surprise appearances. His accomplishments include serving as the brand ambassador for over ten Kenyan companies, where he is compensated for promoting their products and services.

With a substantial following of over 840,000 on TikTok and more than 200,000 on Instagram, he has his sights set on reaching one million TikTok followers by year’s end. His efforts have been recognized with the Kenyan Influencer of the Year Award, solidifying his status as a social media sensation.

In addition to his accolades, Babushka has triumphed in various TikTok dance competitions, recently winning a cash prize of Ksh 30,000.

Recently, as a token of appreciation for his compassion and kindness, he was generously gifted a car by Chacha De, a gospel musician and one of his most devoted followers. At such a young age, owning a vehicle is a significant achievement for Babushka, who is in his early 20s.

Babushka has also achieved remarkable success in his dating life, with his romance with Artnie, his girlfriend, being widely shared on social media. In interviews, he has expressed how Artnie treats him with respect and care, despite being five years his senior. In return, Artnie has praised him as a gentleman and emphasized her indifference to public opinion regarding their relationship.