“Waliniambia hawataki dowry , wanataka Tu Mia Moja Wakaniambia, usitutumie but peleka kanisani kama sadaka ,

Kenyan man, aged 35, shares his unconventional love story, revealing that he paid a symbolic dowry of one hundred Kenyan Shillings (approximately $1) for his 70-year-old American wife, Deborah Jan Spicer. Their unique journey began when they connected on Facebook in 2017, and love blossomed between them, culminating in their marriage on December 29, 2020….CONTINUE READING

Musyoki, residing in Kitui, Kenya, initially faced challenges in obtaining a U.S. visa to meet his beloved Deborah. Despite being denied twice in 2018 and again in March 2020, he persevered in his efforts. Eventually, his dream became a reality when Deborah decided to visit Kenya. Upon her arrival in the country, they traveled to Kitui, where Musyoki resides.

Introducing Deborah to his parents resulted in mixed reactions, with his mother expressing concern about the possibility of her giving birth. Musyoki acknowledges that he faced criticism for marrying someone older, with speculations that his intentions were driven by a desire for a U.S. green card.

Deborah’s parents, who had passed away, presented a unique situation when it came to dowry negotiations. Musyoki recounted that they insisted on a modest dowry of KSh 100 and suggested offering it as a church donation instead. Reflecting on their commitment to purity, the couple chose to abstain until marriage, even sleeping in separate rooms. On February 2, 2021, they exchanged vows at Sheria House, with Musyoki highlighting the modest cost of their wedding rings, emphasizing the sentimental value over materialistic considerations.