“Most celebrities didn’t want to be associated with Brian Chira while he was alive”– Baba Talisha

Popular TikTok personality and content creator Baba Talisha has taken to social media to caution celebrities against exploiting Brian Chira’s death for personal gain.

Following the passing of the well-known TikToker Brian Chira on March 16, various conflicting narratives surrounding his demise have circulated among influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Baba Talisha asserts that many of these influencers are leveraging Chira’s death solely for the sake of garnering views and followers. He suggests that some celebrities who are now vocal about Chira’s death were previously dismissive of him during his lifetime.

“Why didn’t you support Chira when he was alive?” Baba Talisha questions.

He urges all YouTubers seeking details about Chira’s death, such as rumors of him being ejected from a car or shot, to formally report these claims to the authorities.

Moreover, Baba Talisha addresses the celebrities who argue that the outpouring of support for Chira would have been more meaningful had it been extended to him while he was alive.

“We need to start showing support to people while they are still with us,” commented Eric Omondi on a post revealing that over Ksh 5 million was raised for Chira’s expenses within 48 hours.

Brian Chira, the late TikTok personality, will be laid to rest on March 26 in his hometown of Githunguri, where his grandmother resides. Per his grandmother’s wishes, he will be interred wearing his graduation gown.

Numerous celebrities have stepped forward to assist with the funeral arrangements; KRG the Don has covered the medical expenses, while Otile Brown has announced his intention to perform at the burial. This gesture is in tribute to Chira, as one of Brown’s songs, “One Call,” was reportedly a favorite of Chira’s and featured prominently in his TikTok videos.