Catherine Muringo :I bought Ksh.700K Car 3 months after getting into Mitumba business

Some time back, Catherine Muringo astonished Kenyans by revealing that she managed to buy a car worth Ksh 700,000 just three months into her Mitumba (second hand clothes) business. According to Catherine, her venture into the Mitumba trade proved highly successful, allowing her to accumulate significant profits in a remarkably short timeframe.

However, some Kenyans were skeptical about her claim, questioning the feasibility of such a substantial achievement in such a brief period.

So, how did Catherine Muringo initiate her Mitumba business?

Catherine entered the second-hand clothes market nine years ago when there were only a few participants in the industry. In an interview with The Standard, she disclosed that her decision to delve into Mitumba clothing came after her salon business faced failure.

Devastated and feeling hopeless after her salon venture faltered, Catherine found herself with a mere Ksh 2,000, which she used as her initial capital.

Fortunately, the Mitumba business had only a few players at the time, making it relatively easy for her to establish herself.

“I started the business with 2,000 shillings. At the time, we did not experience much challenge because very few people were into the business,” she recounted.

Equipped with Ksh 2,000, Catherine ventured into the Korogocho market and purchased children’s clothes. To her surprise, the clothes yielded a profit of Ksh 9,000.

Later on, Catherine encountered a helpful dealer who introduced her to a variety of bales, further boosting the profitability of her business.

Today, Catherine Muringo manages a thriving Mitumba business in Gikomba and imports bales from various countries.

“I prefer Canadian bales because they are clean. I also source from Australia, the UK, very little from the US, and rarely from China. Before, I did not know that there was a difference between China, Canadian, the UK, or Australian bales; I just used to buy them randomly,” she explained.

Nissan X-TRAIL CAR in 3 months

During an interview with NTV, Catherine Muringo generated excitement in Kenya when she claimed to have purchased her first car within three months of entering the Mitumba business.

Catherine asserted that her profits soared within this short period, enabling her to acquire a second-hand Nissan X-TRAIL valued at Ksh 700,000.

“Things were so good. Within 3 months, I was able to purchase a second-hand Nissan X-TRAIL worth Ksh 700,000,” she remarked.