“Kimeumana!” Director Trevor Deletes All Photos Of His Girlfriend Mungai Eve

Trevor has recently purged all traces of his girlfriend, Mungai Eve, from his collection of photos, and not to be outdone, Mungai Eve reciprocated, leaving behind only a scant number of snapshots that once celebrated their ostensibly joyous relationship.

This abrupt digital cleansing has triggered a surge of speculation among their followers, giving rise to rumors hinting at a potential breakup. Adding intensity to the speculation, the grapevine of social media is buzzing with whispers suggesting that Trevor was purportedly seen with another woman on the last day of the year, attending Christina Shusho’s Shuva Nyavu concert on December 31st at Garden City Mall.

This alleged incident has left their fans perplexed, grappling with the enigmatic online behavior and the looming shadow of possible infidelity that now looms over the once-admired couple.

Via his Instagram stories, Trevor has announced his intention to adopt a baby boy this year.

The decision to obliterate memories from their social media accounts carries significant weight in the era of digital relationships, where each picture and post can serve as a testament to a couple’s happiness.

Trevor and Mungai Eve, once hailed by some netizens as the epitome of relationship goals due to their journey from humble beginnings, now find themselves at the epicenter of assumptions about an online breakup following these changes.

Although neither party has officially affirmed or refuted the rumors, the social media maneuvers have sparked debates among netizens. Some argue that the couple has the right to maintain the privacy of their personal lives, while others contend that their celebrity status comes with a certain responsibility to their fans.

Now, fans are anxiously awaiting an official statement or clarification from Trevor and Mungai Eve to shed light on the true nature of their current situation.