I killed a sick man to free him from pains and then used his body parts for rituals-suspect confesses

A man who was a suspected ritualist, ,has admitted to killing a farmer and removing his body parts for money rituals.

The 26-year-old suspect was arrested after the limbs (2 legs and 2 arms) of the casualty were tracked down in his home, while a human skull in a sack was recovered from his dad’s home.

A police investigation uncovered that the person in question, who was a farmer, was killed and his body parts removed by the thought ritualist and his father.

The said man, who admitted to the crime while at the same time being paraded at the state police command on September 6, said he killed the person in question, who he claimed was a lunatic, to “reduce his pains.”

As per him, the casualty was mentally unstable, sick and about to die in the forest.

“The victim is a sick madman. I killed him to reduce his pain and also took part of his body to use it for sacrifice.” He said.

A relative of the departed, however, invalidated the suspect’s case, saying that his sibling was sound and healthy before he was horrifyingly killed by the suspect in his homestead.

The police confirmed that the suspect and his dad are in police custody.

“The suspect, was in police custody for a case of attempted car theft and when a search was conducted in his house, Human limps (2 legs and 2 arms hands) were recovered while a Human skull in a sack was recovered from his father house.” He said.