A 25 year old Keyboardist from Maua goes viral after impregnating six women in his church.

A scandal has rocked a church in Maua, meru, after allegations emerged that a 25-year-old keyboardist, who goes by the name Apostle , impregnated six women who are members of the church’s praise team.

The self-imposed title of ‘Apostle’ has done nothing to protect Sesa from the scandal that has now gone viral. The six women, who reportedly became pregnant after having sexual relations with the keyboardist, bravely came forward to the pastor to reveal what had been happening in the church when apostle was playing the keyboard.

According to one of the women, apostle would sometimes forget that he was in church and would touch their bums during worship. This alleged behavior is said to have continued for some time, until the women decided to approach the pastor.

Apostle, however, has denied the allegations, claiming that the women wanted it too, and were purposely sitting on the keyboard. He also said that he was not touching their bums but clearing load from the keyboard. His explanation, however, has not been well received by the church community, which is now divided over the scandal.

The pastor of the church has since suspended Apostle from playing the keyboard, pending further investigation.