Ezekiel Otuoma’s Wife, Rachel, Painfully Reveals How Her Husband Has Failed to Satisfy Her in Bed for 2 Years

Rachel Otuoma, spouse of former AFC Leopards and Ulinzi Stars athlete Ezekiel Otuoma, recently disclosed a deeply personal aspect of their journey since her husband fell ill four years ago. Speaking on the Obinna show on YouTube, Rachel recounted their struggle, revealing that they’ve endured two years without intimacy in their marriage due to Ezekiel’s debilitating condition.

Ezekiel, once a skilled player, was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, a condition that gradually robbed him of his mobility and speech, confining him to a wheelchair. Despite the challenges posed by his illness, Rachel emphasized her unwavering commitment to their marriage throughout this trying period.

Sharing their story on the show, Rachel expressed the emotional toll of their situation, particularly the two-year period devoid of physical intimacy. “Since Otuoma fell ill, it’s definitely been four years. We’ve been on this journey for four years and when it started, Otuoma was walking. I can say it’s been two years of suffering without intimacy. And to tell the truth, I’ve never taken matters into my own hands,” Rachel candidly revealed.

Compounding their ordeal, Rachel also disclosed that some of Ezekiel’s acquaintances have attempted to take advantage of their vulnerability. Despite receiving advances from other men, Rachel remains steadfast in her commitment to her husband. “Many men come to my DMs, but I don’t entertain them. Firstly, one of them is his [Otuoma’s] friend, he even saw the messages. I showed him and asked him what kind of friends he has. He told me he would like to take me out for dinner. No,” she recounted.

Their story underscores the challenges faced by couples grappling with illness and the importance of unwavering support and fidelity in the face of adversity.