Woman who left the country to work as a househelp in Dubai builds her own school in the village

After dedicating four years to working as a househelp in Dubai, Salla Tourist made a bold choice to return to her home country, motivated by a profound desire to make a positive impact.Despite encountering various challenges, such as societal expectations and personal sacrifices, Salla embarked on a mission to realize her dream of delivering high-quality education to the children in her community….CONTINUE READING

Salla’s journey commenced modestly, with her initially teaching children in her mother’s home. What began as a small-scale initiative rapidly expanded as an increasing number of children gravitated toward her makeshift classroom.

“I started by teaching my daughter, and soon the neighbors’ kids began gathering at our home, growing in number. My mother, also a teacher, joined in, and together we supported each other. She had sacrificed her marriage for her career, as my father believed her beauty should keep her away from men, crushing her dreams of becoming a teacher,” Salla shared with Lynne Zaabu.

With the backing of her mother, who shared the teaching profession, Salla laid the groundwork for what eventually evolved into Salla Academy.

The decision to establish a school was not solely rooted in Salla’s passion for education; it also stemmed from her concern for the safety and accessibility of schooling for the children in her community.

Recognizing the hazards faced by children traveling to distant schools, particularly through sugarcane plantations, Salla identified the urgent need for a local educational institution.

Hence, Salla Academy was born, providing education from baby class to PP3 in a secure and conducive environment.

Salla’s unwavering determination and resourcefulness were evident as she mobilized support from her YouTube community and those around her to bring her vision to fruition.

With their assistance, she successfully erected a modern school building, establishing an environment that nurtures learning and facilitates growth.