Pritty Vishy: Niko 21 Years But I Have Been Married 3 Times to 3 Different Men -

Pritty Vishy: Niko 21 Years But I Have Been Married 3 Times to 3 Different Men

Pritty Vishy, a controversial Kenyan content creator and socialite, has recently opened up about her troubled past. During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, she revealed that she has been married three times, but none of the marriages were successful.

According to Pritty, her first marriage occurred when she dropped out of school in seventh grade to marry her then-boyfriend. However, the relationship ended in disaster, and she eventually returned to school with the help of her parents.

Her second marriage took place while she was in her first year of high school. Pritty overstayed at her boyfriend’s place, and upon returning home, she heard her mother and grandmother discussing how they were going to beat her. Fearing for her safety, Pritty returned to her boyfriend’s place and married him for a short period.

In her second year of high school, Pritty made the controversial decision to marry the husband of her mother’s best friend after they had a disagreement. However, due to threats from other women, she was forced to end the marriage.

All of Pritty’s marriages were “come-we-stay,” and she admits that she’s unsure of her body count, estimating it to be between 10 to 15 or possibly more.

Pritty also mentioned that she is currently on bad terms with Madini Classics and is prepared for any consequences that may arise since they are not speaking. Additionally, she stated that her next relationship will not be made public.