Kenneth Kibichi: I ride a boda despite having First Class Honors in Actuarial Science

Kenya boasts some of the best-ranked universities in Africa, providing prestigious courses. However, despite this, graduate employment rates in the country are concerning. The staggering unemployment rate means that fresh graduates are forced to navigate the difficult and uncertain world of tarmacking and hustling for a living.

Kenneth Kibichi is a prime example of the struggles faced by graduates in Kenya. Despite obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science from Karatina University, he has been unable to secure formal employment and has been tarmacking for over five years.

Kibichi’s story is a testament to his determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. He lost both his parents shortly after completing his KCPE exams and had to rely on faith in education to pursue his dreams. He completed his high school studies at Kemeloi Boys High School, scoring an impressive A minus in his KCSE exams, and was quickly admitted to Karatina University.

Kibichi excelled academically, despite facing numerous setbacks throughout his studies. During his fourth year, he had to do a side hustle to pay for rent and food. He traveled to Sagana on Fridays to do paintings and returned on Mondays for classes to earn extra money.

In 2017, Kibichi graduated with First-Class Honors in Actuarial Science, but he soon realized that the world of formal employment was not as welcoming as he had hoped. Despite making several applications to big firms such as the Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Defence Forces, KenGen, and the National Intelligence Service, he is yet to secure a job five years later.

To make ends meet, Kibichi has been riding his Boda Boda in the village and taking up other odd jobs. He joined Cohort 1 of the Public Service Commission PSIP Internship in 2019, but it did not last long.

Despite these challenges, Kibichi remains determined to secure a job and pursue a master’s degree in the future. However, for now, financial constraints make this an unattainable goal. Nonetheless, his story is an inspiration to many, showing that where there is a will, there is a way.