Eunice Otieng: How I Used Boda Boda Earnings To Build My Home And Rentals

Eunice Otieng’s incredible journey from homelessness to becoming a property owner is truly noteworthy. In 2017, she encountered numerous challenges when her husband left her for another woman, leaving behind substantial debts. This already difficult situation worsened when her landlord evicted her and her baby daughter due to unpaid rent.

Nevertheless, Otieng displayed unwavering resilience. Despite the adversities, she chose to rebuild her life. Taking on the role of a boda boda rider during the day and working night shifts as a nurse, she diligently worked to repay her loans. Over time, she managed to accumulate sufficient funds to initiate a small business and construct her own home on a piece of land she had acquired before her marriage.

Otieng’s hard work and determination bore fruit. Not only did she successfully complete the construction of her own residence, but she also utilized her savings to develop rental properties. These properties were then gifted to her five-year-old daughter, with the intention of making her a landlady at a young age, aiming to erase the painful memories of being locked out of their previous home by their landlord.

The narrative of Otieng serves as a powerful testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. Confronted with significant setbacks, she steadfastly refused to succumb to despair and diligently toiled to transform her life. Her story stands as an inspiration for anyone facing adversity, illustrating that with hard work, determination, and perseverance, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve the seemingly impossible.