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Tingiza Mtiii: Wajackoyah Promises Kenyans 200k, Grow Bhang in Nyeri and Export Hyena Meat To China.

Roots Party presidential party George Wajackoyah has promised to export hyena meat to China.

During his manifesto launch at the KICC yesterday, the ‘ganja man’ said,

“1000 hyenas have 2000 testicles. Chinese use hyena testicles as medicine. A testicle costs about Ksh 6 million. It is much more than ganja. We shall export the testicles, dog meat and hyenas.”

Wajackoyah also added that planting bhang in Nyeri alone is enough to feed Kenyans.

If we grew bhang in Nyeri alone, each Kenyan would get a dividend cheque of KSh. 200,000 every year,

he said.

In related news, Deputy President William Ruto unveiled his grand plan for Kenya if elected the fifth president.

The United Democratic Alliance presidential candidate said his administration will invest KSh 500 billion within five years to uplift ‘hustlers’.

“Kenya Kwanza’s plan is a bold step in transforming our economy, and the aim is to achieve durable growth while maintaining macroeconomic stability.”