Hii Kenya There Is No Man Who Can Match GUARDIAN ANGEL “MJULUS game”–53yr ESTHER NTHENYA Says

Esther Nthenya demonstrates unwavering confidence in her romantic relationship with Guardian Angel, despite encountering criticism and online trolling from Kenyans due to their significant age difference.

During a recent interview on Spice FM, Nthenya revealed that when she initially fell in love with the 31-year-old gospel artist, she grappled with concerns about public opinion, given the noticeable age gap that could position her as old enough to be his mother. Nevertheless, Guardian Angel encouraged her to prioritize her own happiness over the judgments of others.

Nthenya stressed that even if she were to opt for an older partner, none could rival the profound connection she shares with Guardian Angel. She recounted instances when societal expectations weighed heavily on her, and Guardian Angel consistently reassured her, challenging the importance of caring about others’ opinions.

Despite societal norms discouraging relationships with significant age differences, Nthenya firmly believes in giving precedence to personal happiness over cultural expectations. She recognized the value of living life authentically and pursuing activities that bring joy.

While acknowledging the cultural norms that may disapprove of such relationships, Nthenya expressed her commitment to living life on her own terms. She underscored the necessity of prioritizing her happiness, especially in the context of a relationship with an exceptional individual like Guardian Angel. She unequivocally stated that her happiness is paramount, directly impacting the well-being of their relationship.

In conclusion, Nthenya reaffirmed her dedication to self-care and personal fulfillment. She emphasized the importance of prioritizing her own happiness as the cornerstone of a successful and contented relationship, reinforcing her determination to lead an authentic life true to herself.