Photos: Talented Producer Byron Kivisi “Aii Papii” Laid To Rest

“Aii Papii” Byron Kivisi, a celebrated music producer known for the hit song “Sipangwingwi,” was laid to rest in Bugina village,Vihiga County.

In a somber gathering of fans, friends, and family, many people attended the funeral ceremony of the late Byron Kivisi popularly known for his signature “Aii Papii!”

His musical legacy reached far and wide, gaining prominence when his creation was used by President William Ruto during his campaign.

As the community came together to bid farewell to this talented brother, the sense of loss was palpable, and the impact of his work on the Kenyan music scene was unmistakable.

Even in his absence, President William Ruto paid his respects to Byron Aii Papii by sending Jaguar, the renowned musician and politician, to represent him at the burial service.

Jaguar not only conveyed the President’s condolences but also read out a heartfelt message.

President Ruto remembered Byron Aii Papii as a friend, a talented individual, and a humble soul.

His recognition of the late music producer’s impact on the political stage was evident in his use of “Sipangwingwi” during his campaign. To further support the grieving family during this difficult time, President Ruto contributed 500,000 Kenyan shillings towards the burial expenses.

Byron Kivisi Aaii Papii

Byron Kivisi Aii Papii’s funeral was a gathering of musical talents who came to honor their departed colleague and friend.

Artists Exray Taniua, Odi Wa Murang’a, Phyl the Kangogo, Tesla, Seroney, Moezey, Lox De Chiz, Prince, Producer Sadafah, Producer Sifa, Veteran Cream and many others joined the mourners to pay their respects.

Their presence highlighted the deep connection and brotherhood that existed with Byron for years.

James Kihiko, the CEO, and owner of Bamming/Spikes Music, now Miki Records, reminisced about Byron Aii Papii’s journey in the music industry.

He met Byron through his younger brother Rahmzy and remembered him as a go-getter, someone who was relentless in his pursuit of excellence.

Byron Kivisi Aii Papii burial

Byron’s talent and friendliness left an indelible mark on those he worked with. It was at Miki Records that Byron nurtured his skills.

Rest in peace Aii Papii.