“I want a Mzungu Husband,” Kenyan Lady begs Ugandan pastor NATAKA ‘Nyota ya Mapenzi’ -

“I want a Mzungu Husband,” Kenyan Lady begs Ugandan pastor NATAKA ‘Nyota ya Mapenzi’

A viral video featuring a Kenyan woman seeking the prayers of a Ugandan pastor to find a Caucasian husband has generated significant attention on social media platforms.

In the widely circulated clip, a young woman hailing from Western Kenya introduces herself as Daisy Akinyi and openly shares her intentions. She straightforwardly expresses her desire for guidance on marriage, specifically seeking a white husband.

Daisy Akinyi’s candid request prompts the Ugandan pastor to spring into action, delivering a prophetic message to reassure her that she will soon be liberated from her current marital difficulties and find a Caucasian partner.

The pastor recalls their previous conversation, in which they discussed her aspiration to go abroad and find a white man. He empathizes with her predicament, noting that she is tired of her current spouse, who constantly troubles her.

Furthermore, Daisy Akinyi discloses that she has two children with her previous partner, who has been neglectful and unreliable. She reiterates her dream of relocating overseas to enjoy life with a white husband, emphasizing her strong desire for a fresh start.

The compassionate young pastor assures Daisy that her prayers will be answered, and she visibly becomes overwhelmed with joy. He proceeds to anoint her face with a small bottle of anointing oil and offers fervent prayers, leading to her falling to the church floor while he imparts blessings upon her.

In response to the video, Kenyan netizens have expressed a wide range of opinions:

@EMPRESS: It seems like she’s having a tough time in the love department 😅

@Emily Chebet: These pastors do not hold back! Finding a husband shouldn’t involve falling on the floor, though 😁

@Ohuru Elphers: Kenyan ladies, let’s not shame each other. There are already enough challenges to navigate.

@Shiloh: Wishing her all the best 🥰