Thee Pluto – From Cabbage Seller in Marikiti Market ToYouTube Multi-Millionaire

Meet Thee Pluto, also known as Robert Kamau Ndegwa, a 24-year-old content creator hailing from Kenya, who has risen to prominence as one of the most celebrated figures in the country. Living a lavish lifestyle in the upscale Kilimani neighborhood and boasting ownership of three high-end vehicles, Pluto epitomizes the epitome of the good life.

The catalyst for Pluto’s fame was his unique program, “Loyalty Test,” where he traversed various universities and towns, conducting interviews to uncover individuals who were unfaithful to their partners. Interestingly, before ascending to stardom, Pluto’s humble beginnings involved selling cabbages at the Marigiti market.

Born in 1999, Pluto holds the position as the third child among five siblings and hails from Maera Naivasha County. His educational journey commenced at Maera Township Primary School, followed by KCSE studies at Sonoko Private School, and secondary education at Githiga Boys in Kiambu County. Presently, Pluto is immersed in his pursuit of a degree in Economics at Kenyatta University.

Contrary to his initial pursuits, Pluto harbored a childhood passion for singing. Currently engaged to his girlfriend, Felicity, the couple anticipates the arrival of their first child. Pluto’s journey from a cabbage vendor to a prominent content creator and university student reflects a compelling narrative of personal and professional growth.