“Someone help me! My manhood is stuck inside my brother’s wife,” my brother said while having sex with my wife

Three weeks ago, my brother told me he had been granted a one month leave and he wanted to come and say hi to me and my wife before going for a vacation at the coast. I was more than happy to have him in my house. He came in a day later and my wife prepared a room for him so that he could feel comfortable.20 hottest Tanzanian women celebrities -

He was to stay for three days but a week later, he had not yet left. He said he was enjoying the time with me and my wife. I would leave him and my wife in the mornings since I would report to work early whereas my wife, on the other hand would report to work at around 11am. I was surprised he was enjoying staying at our home since he was mostly alone during the day.

Three days later, I decided to go home early so that I could spend time with him. On reaching at the front of my house thirty minutes later, I realized there was some noise in the house. I thought I was dreaming but indeed, I heard both my wife and brother having sex in the living room.

Tears just started flowing and my courage to even open the house vanished into thin air. The gateman saw me crying and he called me. He told me my wife and brother were having sex all the time when I was not around. He told me not to fret since there was a traditional herbalist by the name Doctor Mugwenu who could use his spell casting powers to lock together cheating couples.

I was elated on hearing that and I gave the doctor a call and ordered the sticking the spell. He cast it instantly and immediately, we heard both my wife and brother screaming in pain saying they were stuck.

“Someone help me! My manhood is stuck inside my brother’s wife,” my brother said. We rushed to the place and found them locked at their genitals. They were in so much pain and they both asked me to forgive them. I let them suffer the pain for some few hours before the doctor unstuck them. My brother was so ashamed and I chased him out of my house. Man and woman get stuck while having an illicit affair in Kisii - YouTube

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How Marriage spell will solve.

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