“Nimeachwa Sitaki Maswali” Samidoh Leaves Fans Confused In His Latest Video -

“Nimeachwa Sitaki Maswali” Samidoh Leaves Fans Confused In His Latest Video

“Have you finally accepted being left?” Netizens inundate Samidoh with inquiries, pressing him to verify if Edday ended their relationship.

Samidoh has not only gained fame for his musical talents but also for the intricate web of his romantic life, which has consistently captured the fascination of numerous netizens.

His romantic entanglements with both his baby mama, Karen Nyamu, and his wife, Eddy Nderitu, have remained the focal point of unending discussions.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu share a history that transcends mere intimacy, as they are parents to two children together. The spotlight shone brightly on this love connection when Samidoh publicly declared Karen Nyamu as his official second wife not too long ago.

However, this shocking revelation didn’t sit well with his first wife, Eddy Nderitu.

Subsequently, a series of events unfolded, leaving many pondering the state of Samidoh’s personal life. Eddy relocated to America with her children and has reportedly settled there, securing a job in the process.

Eddy Nderitu opted for a life-altering decision, departing from Samidoh’s side and taking their three children with her to the United States. Her motivation stemmed from her unwillingness to raise her children in a polygamous family. She made it clear that she might not return to Kenya unless her family situation underwent a significant change.

On the other hand, Karen Nyamu claimed she didn’t mind sharing Samidoh, rationalizing that their relationship had already evolved, and nothing could alter the past.

To finally address the mounting curiosity surrounding his relationship status with his estranged wife Edday, Samidoh took to TikTok to post a video that many fans believe has broken his silence and provided insight. In the video, he can be seen singing the lyrics of Rayvanny Ft Diamond Platnumz’s hit song “Nitongoze,” where he boldly proclaims himself to be single.

The lyrics of the viral song go, “Nimeachwa staki tena maswali, Naenda beach kula upepo wa bahari, Naumwagilia moyo mziki kwa mbali, Jimbo liko wazi sema nitakubali. Ati unantaka? Eti unanipenda? (basi nitongoze).”

Fans, who had anxiously awaited any sign of clarity, quickly inundated the comments section. Many interpreted Samidoh’s video as confirmation of Eddy Nderitu’s departure from his life.