“It’s time to rise up, don’t accept handouts from politicians”- Thairu Wangendo Tells Maragua Youths.

The youth leader has asked youths in Maragua and Murang’a County at large to focus on developing themselves, urging them to stop waiting for handouts from area politicians.

Thairu in an exclusive interview with said that the youths in Maragua have been sidelined by the government and their innovative ideas have gone to waste seeing that they have no backing from the government.

What we, the youths, need is just a little backing by the government. We have so many innovative ideas which when implemented can better the lives of many youths from our area,

he said.

Sometimes, when a youth wants to get grants from the government, it turns out a challenge seeing that it’s a painstaking process and sometimes you have to provide supporting documents which at times are rejected in the last moments,” Thairu stated.

The Nginda Ward 2022 MCA aspirant added that due to the increase of unemployment, the youths around Maragua have indulged in illegal substances noting that the government and society have failed terribly in mitigating the rampant drug abuse.

“Due to the high levels of unemployment, we are now seeing youths sink into depression and drug abuse. It is the high time for the society and government to come up with working strategies and redeem the youths from the vice,” he said.

Wangendo maintained that it is the high time for youths to run for elective positions to help themselves in pushing their agendas and also implementing them on their own.

The MCA Aspirant has been in the forefront in championing various project around Maragua and Nginda Ward and concluded the interview with a request to the youths asking them to consider electing a youth in the various categories of government offices.