Dem Wa Facebook Announces Free Rosecoco Friendly Match For Tiktoker Brian Chira

Dem Wa Facebook has rapidly garnered widespread media attention, particularly for her stand-up comedy performances on the popular Churchill show aired on TV 47.

Interestingly, she holds Kendrick Mulamlwah in high regard as a close friend, with the two frequently collaborating on content development. Her recent confrontation with Brian Chira seems to be a direct response in defense of Mulamwah.

Dem Wa Facebook disclosed her proposition of a Rosecoco-friendly match to TikToker Brian Chira. Despite Chira openly expressing support for the LGBTQ community, he has consistently denied being a part of it, much to Dem Wa Facebook’s discontent.

In the view of Dem Wa Facebook, engaging in an intimate relationship with someone of the same gender is frowned upon in Luhya society, and such behavior is not accepted within the community.

During a recent interview, Dem Wa Facebook emphasized her belief that Chira should experience the nuances of Rosecoco. She extended a generous offer of a free week-long friendly match, asserting that it would be sufficient to allow him to appreciate the affection of women. As of now, Brian Chira has not responded to the offer.