The oldest woman on earth celebrate 210th birthday-Happy Birthday
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The oldest woman on earth celebrates 210th birthday-Happy Birthday Mamaa

The oldest woman on earth is from Pakistan.

celebrated her 210th birthday today.

Glory be to God.

“Happy birthday to you mama, more years ahead of you with multiple blessings. Happy new age mama. In my village in Ghana, we have an old woman who is 219 and will be 220 on January 7th, 2022. A fan commented on the fb post

She is always calling for her death, but no way. Your colleagues are enjoying heaven, while you’re suffering here on Earth.

Who’s been recording her age since birth? We all know there were no such sources of time and dates back then. Which kind of glory to God is this one? Her great, great grandchildren and grandchildren will be afraid of her sight. In Africa, reaching this stage of life is not a blessing. Yes, it is a stage of life where you face real criticism. During this stage, in Africa, you automatically transform into a witch. During this stage, in Africa, you automatically transform into a witch. Especially in your hood. Then people ask why do young people die while you are still alive.

Amazing!!!!!But these days, no thanks. I prefer to be off this earth. The way many elderly people are treated and all the challenges they face are huge. Maybe she has very caring descendants who looked after her wisely and loved her. Her genetics are truly remarkable. Only God can grant this in age, because many fall away early and it is rare to even achieve 100 years. I just wonder how her hearing and vision have measured up till date. Astounding indeed, “said a Facebook follower