Groom plays video of bride cheating with brother-in-law on their wedding day

The heartless moment a groom played a video of his bride cheating with her brother in law on a big screen at their wedding has circulated around the web in China.

Where you would commonly expect a compilation of photographs or videos of the couple throughout the span of the relationship, the husband a different idea.

All things being equal, the groom decided the time had come to expose his conning lady by playing a video of her naked in bed with her pregnant sister’s husband.

The husband to be had the five-minute sex tape between the lady of the hour and her brother in law play out in front of family and friends at the ceremony to publicly humiliate his unfaithful fiancée.

While this might appear as though a shocking development and an episode of vengeance pornography, certain individuals believe that the whole occurrence was was actually staged and was an elaborate, malicious marketing stunt.