Guardian Angel 33yrs , Esther Musila 54yrs toast their 2nd wedding anniversary in style

Musician Guardian Angel and his wife, Esther Musila, joyously marked their second wedding anniversary and the artist’s 35th birthday on January 4, 2023. Commemorating the special occasion, the couple engaged in a breathtaking photoshoot and exchanged heartfelt messages to celebrate their enduring love.

Reflecting on the past two years of marital bliss, Esther Musila expressed her deep affection for Guardian Angel, stating that their love story remains her favorite. She emphasized the enduring qualities of their journey—faith, love, and hope—highlighting that love has triumphed in their relationship. Esther showered her husband with love and wished him a happy anniversary, looking forward to many more years together.

In a separate post, the 53-year-old Esther praised her 35-year-old spouse for redefining companionship and remaining consistently remarkable in their marriage. She thanked him for being a constant source of joy and strength, expressing her love on their anniversary.

Guardian Angel, on his birthday, expressed gratitude for the blessings in his life, celebrating not only his special day but also the anniversary of their union. He conveyed his happiness in sharing life with Esther, referring to it as life itself and expressing his desire for more years of true love.

The couple, who tied the knot in a private ceremony on January 4, 2022, opted for a low-key garden wedding on Guardian’s 33rd birthday. Addressing inquiries about having biological children, they shared their perspective during a June 2022 interview. Guardian Angel emphasized that while they are open to the idea of having their own child, it is not a necessity, viewing it as a bonus if it happens. Esther Musila echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that their love for each other is paramount, and whether or not they have a child does not diminish their bond.

In a follow-up response in July 2023, Esther Musila addressed a question about her reaction if her son chose to marry an older woman, emphasizing the importance of societal expectations and expressing a commitment to prioritizing their unique connection over external judgments.