Ruto To Attend Madaraka Day Celebrations Amidst Claims That Raila Will Invite Uhuru Instead Of The Deputy.

Ruto is set to attend the 58th Madaraka day celebrations in Kisumu, according to a statement from his Communication Office.

The statement by the communications officer, Emanuel Talam indicated that Ruto has been officially invited for the fete to accompany the president.

In an interview with Nation, Talam said,

Ruto has been invited for Madaraka celebrations and he will go. He has however not been invited for other projects so he will only attend the national celebrations.”

Speculations were riffle that Ruto will not attend following remarks by the president on Friday, May 29,about the BBI after he said that Reggae has not stoped and those against the bill have been misinformed.

“Hii BBI sio ya Raila na family yake, sio yangu. Ni ya wakenya,” the president had earlier said in Siaya.

On matters national events, the protocols dictates that the Deputy invited the President and if the events that have unfolded lately are anything to go by, maybe Raila will invite Uhuru after their new bromance.