“Alikula Poko” Andrew Kibe Leaks Thee Pluto’s Intimate Chats With A Siex Worker

Andrew Kibe has gained widespread recognition for his unwavering stance on celebrities and various life issues, and his latest target is Thee Pluto. With an uncompromising approach, he fearlessly expresses his opinions on a range of matters without hesitation.

Kibe’s direct and often controversial views have captured attention and sparked fervent discussions. He does not shy away from addressing sensitive topics and is well-known for his candid criticism of celebrities, calling out their actions and behaviors when he believes they are misleading or setting a negative example. Particularly, he criticizes those who pretend to lead perfect and honest lives while engaging in questionable actions.

Recently, Andrew Kibe shared alleged intimate conversations between Thee Pluto and a sex worker in Mtwapa, Mombasa. These exchanges imply that the two individuals had a pleasurable time together. Interestingly, these conversations occurred while Felicity Shiru was breastfeeding and taking care of their child, Sri Lanka, shortly after giving birth.

In addition to discussing celebrities, Kibe also offers uncompromising perspectives on life issues that impact society. He fearlessly tackles subjects such as relationships, personal growth, and societal norms, presenting his opinions with a brutally honest demeanor.

Kibe’s objective is to provoke critical thinking and encourage individuals to question societal expectations and norms, while also urging men to remain vigilant. He strives to prevent them from making the same mistakes he did in his youth, including his bitter experience with a failed marriage in which his wife cheated on him, causing him immense heartbreak.

Andrew Kibe is disappointed that “Thee Puny” allegedly overpaid for the time he spent cheating and engaging in sexual activities with a “poko,” as he refers to them, while having his desires fulfilled to the point of ecstasy.

According to the alleged WhatsApp chats, Thee Pluto supposedly informed the lady that whatever took place in Mtwapa should remain there because he had paid as agreed upon.