‘Naah Not Me, I Have Big Balls’ – Brian Chira Responds After His P0rn Video Leaked Online

Over the recent weekend, Brian Chira found himself at the center of attention as a viral video emerged, seemingly depicting a TikTok personality engaging in a strip tease. In the aftermath of this video going viral, the divisive and prolific content creator found himself compelled to step forward and vehemently deny any involvement.

Chira was taken aback when his name became associated with the controversy during an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali. In a perplexed tone, he responded, “Chira… Mimi? Nilifanya nini? Mimi? Do you know what you’re talking about?” Presenter Ali, in an attempt to coax the truth out of Chira, resorted to mocking him and outlining the unsavory actions performed by his alleged “doppelganger” in the video.

Despite Presenter Ali’s efforts, Chira’s denial remained steadfast. Eventually, Ali had to directly request that Chira swear it wasn’t him, a request Chira complied with promptly and without reservation. “I swear that was not me! I swear that was not me! Mimi! Ali!” Chira emphatically exclaimed. He further expressed his complete lack of knowledge about the individual who bore a striking resemblance to him in the video.

Kenyans wasted no time chiming in on Chira’s denial, sharing their thoughts on social media. Some of the comments included:

  • “Spoiler Alert: He wasn’t even the one at Presenter Ali’s interview 😂😂😂” – iambrandiee
  • “He’s clout chasing bana 😂” – _oduor001
  • “Unabishana nn 😂😢 usapanick 😂” – soshii._mluyha
  • “😂😂 Student wa shaggy huyu” – _gloriachela
  • “Disgusting” – imtheplussizequeen
  • “Hata na evidence kataa” – ngariii1
  • “Ako mavitu” – _the_smatah
  • “Aty suit 😂😂” – lincolngram._

For those who may not be aware, Brian Chira had been a prominent topic on Twitter (X App) ever since a video of him participating in an Instagram Live session went viral. The video featured Chira engaging in inappropriate behavior while in the nude, leaving many viewers shocked.

This conduct led to widespread outrage, with some demanding the immediate suspension of Chira’s account on the photo-sharing platform. Numerous Twitter users expressed concerns about Chira’s mental well-being, suggesting that he was in dire need of assistance.