Sonko appeals for peace as he distributes water and food to police and demonstrators -

Sonko appeals for peace as he distributes water and food to police and demonstrators

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has issued a plea for peace in the country amidst ongoing anti-government demonstrations led by the opposition Azimio coalition.

In an address on Wednesday, Sonko took to the streets of Nairobi to distribute food and bottled water to both anti-riot police and demonstrators. During this time, he stressed the importance of peaceful protests and warned Kenyans about the potential loss of lives resulting from violent actions.

“I implore the people to maintain peace and allow the government to fulfill its promises. If the youth resort to burning our country, they will have nowhere to turn, whereas leaders like myself have alternative residences abroad, such as London and Dubai, where we can relocate,” Sonko expressed.

Acknowledging the rising cost of living, Sonko appealed to Kenyans for patience regarding this matter. He attributed the country’s economic challenges to a long-standing issue that predates the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“While the prices of essential goods have surged, we must recognize that this problem has its roots in events from years ago,” he added.

During his journey along Kenyatta Avenue in the Central Business District (CBD) and Ngong Road near Kibera, Sonko encountered the protesters. Through distributing food, water, and financial assistance, he successfully persuaded them to halt their demonstrations, calming the situation.

As a renowned philanthropist, the former governor generously provided bottled water, sodas, cakes, and other food items to both anti-riot police officers and some protesters across Nairobi.