From gospel to PEKEJENG!: Bahati and Diana Marua Intimate Video Sparks Debate -

From gospel to PEKEJENG!: Bahati and Diana Marua Intimate Video Sparks Debate

Bahati and Diana Marua, a well-known couple in the public eye, have once again found themselves at the center of online discussions, as they employ a new strategy to maintain their presence in the spotlight. Recently, the couple was seen enjoying themselves at a club with KRG the Don. However, it was a video featuring KRG and Diana Marua getting close that quickly spread across the internet, leading people to question the authenticity of Bahati and Diana’s relationship.

In response to the ensuing controversy, Bahati has released another video featuring his wife. This time, the 28-second clip shows the couple lying in bed. As Bahati tries to initiate intimate contact with Diana while she is asleep, his actions awaken her, and she looks at him with a puzzled expression. The video is captioned with the question, “Am I a Bad Boy or a Bold Boy???,” as Bahati seeks to engage viewers in the ongoing controversy.

Adding to the intrigue, the video includes the voice of renowned Nigerian pastor Johnson Suleiman, who can be heard saying, “You are a bad boy.” Diana Marua lip-syncs the pastor’s words while addressing Bahati in the background of the footage. The release of this video has sparked further controversy and has prompted Kenyans to express their opinions online.

The explicit nature of the video and the questionable behavior exhibited by Bahati have generated mixed reactions among internet users. Some individuals express concern for the couple’s relationship, questioning the appropriateness of their actions and the message they convey to their audience. On the other hand, some argue that the video is simply a publicity stunt intended to attract attention and create a buzz.