Babu Owino: From a Chang’aa Seller to Embakasi East MP.

The life story of Babu Owino is truly inspiring. He embodies the phrase “hard work pays off” and serves as a shining example that there is always hope for a brighter future. Born in 1989 in Nyalenda, Kisumu County, Babu rose from humble beginnings as a chang’aa seller in the slums to become a Member of Parliament for Embakasi East.

Growing up, Babu faced numerous difficulties, as his father had passed away in his childhood and his mother was a local brew seller. Despite these challenges, Babu persevered and worked hard to raise funds for his education, often helping his mother sell chang’aa. He attended Kisumu Township Primary School and later Kisumu Boys High School, where he excelled and scored an A in his KCSE exams.

Despite financial constraints that prevented him from attending Moi University, Babu refused to settle for less and went on to study at the University of Nairobi, where he graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science. He went on to acquire a total of four degrees, including two Master’s degrees and seven diplomas in fields such as law, pure mathematics, statistics, chemistry, mechanics, accounting and applied sciences.

Babu’s political journey began during his university days when he served as the leader of the Students Union (SONU) at the University of Nairobi. He entered the Kenyan political arena in 2013 and despite losing the Westlands MP seat, he went on to win the Embakasi East Member of Parliament seat in 2017, which he successfully defended in 2022. Today, he is considered one of the most influential young politicians in Kenya and holds a prominent position in the Azimio la Umoja and ODM political parties.

Aside from his political career, Babu is also a successful businessman and is estimated to be worth $1.2 million. He owns multiple business premises in the city and is considered a millionaire. He is married to Fridah Muthoni Owino and they have two children.

In conclusion, Babu Owino’s life story is a testament to the power of determination, hard work and perseverance. Despite facing numerous hardships in his childhood, he never gave up on his dreams and went on to achieve great success in both his academic and political pursuits.