“Rosecoco Haina Age” Akothee Shuts Down Questions About Omondi’s Age

Akothee’s relationship with her current partner, Omondi, has sparked curiosity among people, particularly due to her history of dating younger men. One social media user, Oscar Asewe, raised this question on Facebook, asking about Omondi’s age in comparison to Akothee’s.

In response to Oscar’s query, Akothee emphasized that age was not a concern for her, stating that sexual compatibility transcends age boundaries. She humorously asked Oscar if there was a problem with their relationship, comparing their compatibility to the smooth functioning of mechanical parts.

Akothee and Omondi began dating in July 2022, but it wasn’t until September of the same year that Akothee introduced him to her fans. According to Omondi, they first met in Switzerland through a mutual friend named Pius. Akothee was on her way to Italy for a vacation when they had their initial video call. Captivated by her intellect, spirit, personality, and energy, Omondi was determined to meet her in person. Pius played a role in persuading Akothee to visit Switzerland, and on July 16, 2022, Esther Akoth Kokeyo became Omondi’s girlfriend. Omondi expressed his love for Akothee, admiring her not for her status or fame but for her inner qualities and remarkable beauty.