Tiktoker Nyakwar Says She Is Looking for a Man to Marry

TikToker Caro Ondire, also known as Nyakwar Janeko, has revealed that she is currently single and embarking on a journey to find a suitable man to marry.

During her appearance on the Obinna show on YouTube, when asked about her marital status, Janeko bravely admitted that she is actively searching, questioning if she can find a man who matches her outspoken personality.

“I am ready for a very good husband if God gives me one; that man will enjoy,” she declared, emphasizing that she will bring love to the relationship while expecting her partner to focus on financial stability.

When questioned about any past marriages, Janeko, a mother of one, disclosed, “I tried to get married before, but it proved to be too much for me,” further explaining that her previous marriage lacked substance and was merely a union for procreation, resulting in her pregnancy.

As she navigates through her single life, Nyakwar expressed her desire to find a wealthy man to settle down with.