Yesu wa Tongaren Finally joins TikTok -

Yesu wa Tongaren Finally joins TikTok

Popular pastor Yesu Wa Tongaren has recently made his debut on TikTok, marking his presence on the widely-used platform. This move came about after content creator Kiddo gifted him a smartphone valued at Ksh 40,000.

Cyd Wambui, an enthusiastic TikTok user, expressed her anticipation for Yesu Wa Tongaren to receive the verification badge, remarking on the unexpected warm reception the “man of God” has received thus far. “I’m eagerly looking forward to the challenges he will undertake. We have truly embraced this Jesus, and I can’t get enough of it,” Cyd exclaimed.

Another controversial pastor from Bungoma, Eliud Simiyu, recently extended his heartfelt gratitude to the compassionate Kenyans who responded to his plea for assistance. Following his acquittal by the Bungoma court, Simiyu candidly admitted his financial struggles and reached out to kind-hearted individuals for help in financing his children’s education.

The pastor also caught the attention of journalists when he requested their assistance in acquiring a gas stove and a telephone. “Let it be clear, I am not a YouTube content creator; I am dedicating myself to God’s work. Thank you,” Simiyu conveyed to reporters.

It is evident that Kenyans heard the pastor’s plea, as he later confirmed receiving donations. During a live session on TikTok, Simiyu expressed his gratitude to those who offered help and pronounced blessings upon them. “The phone number to reach me is 0794 749 216. To those who have contributed, I express my gratitude. It will be under the name Totsi Simiyu. That is Jesus of Tongaren’s number. Thank you for supporting my children’s education. Even those who continuously send small amounts, I am truly grateful. God bless them,” Jesus of Tongaren conveyed on TikTok this Tuesday.

Simiyu was released on Tuesday morning after the Bungoma court concluded that he had no case to answer. The government determined that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him. Initially accused of operating an unregistered society, engaging in extremism, and committing financial fraud, Simiyu received news of the prosecution’s lack of evidence on Tuesday.

Representing Jesus of Tongaren in court was George Wajackoyah, the leader of the Roots Party. Simiyu had been in police custody for the past four days, during which he underwent a mental evaluation after being declared mentally challenged. Olando, the spokesperson, shared that “the court has granted permission to the prosecution to detain the suspect for an additional four days to complete the investigation and conduct a mental evaluation.”