“Huyu ni shetani,” househelp caught on camera urinating on cup, using it to cook

A viral video showing a woman urinating into a cup and using it to cook has generated a variety of responses from Kenyans on social media.

After the nauseating clip gained traction, numerous Twitter users expressed their mixed reactions. The video was initially shared by a popular Twitter user named @Kilundeezy and came to the attention of Public News Kenya.

In the video, a middle-aged woman can be seen going about her business in a cozy kitchen. She takes a cup and positions herself in a strategic manner to collect her urine. After lifting her dress, she proceeds to fill the cup halfway.

The woman then proceeds to pour the contents of the cup into what appears to be food that is already cooking. She repeats this action again.

In response to the video, some Kenyans on the comment section speculated that the woman in question might be a domestic worker seeking revenge against her employer. Given previous incidents where house helps have committed offenses against their employers, Kilundeezy emphasized the importance of installing CCTV cameras.

“It’s crucial to have cameras installed so that maids don’t do things like this while in the kitchen.”

Here are a few of the reactions:

“This is all the more reason why you should ensure that the house help is an integral part of the household. They should eat the same food and share the same table. No one should ever prepare food that they won’t partake in.”

“In 2019, I had a house help who used to share our groceries with the neighbors, seriously. I had to limit the amount of food we bought for the two months she stayed with us. The construction workers nearby were having free meals at my place.”

“But before someone does this, ask yourself how your wife treats her. If you don’t show her love and make her feel like a part of your family while she takes care of your children, I swear you might end up eating worse things than feces in your ugali. I once saw someone being dismissed by a visitor’s mother, telling her to go to the kitchen, and she couldn’t see it. The consequences are what we witnessed in this video.”

“How can I unsee this? Horrible 😂😭😭”

“Unbelievable, it’s awful 😞”