Sisi Tunashare: Meet Mother And Daughter Sharing Same Husband -

Sisi Tunashare: Meet Mother And Daughter Sharing Same Husband

African culture forbids a man from sleeping with or having sexual relations with his wife’s daughter or another man’s daughter. This social taboo often causes curses on the individuals involved.

Social media users reacted differently to a story of a mother and daughter marrying the same man. The Chihinzi family broke the taboo: father Chihinzi Misagwe Ezekiel, daughter Tunaini Chihonzi, and mother Ntakwinja Kakumba.

When Tunaini returned home from school, her father slept with her and threatened to stop paying her tuition if she told anyone. The girl, who valued her education above all else, eventually fell in and had an affair with her father; a few months later, he pregnant her and ordered her to keep the pregnancy secret from her mother.

The grandmother’s mother was first upset when she learned that her husband was the child’s biological father, but she eventually accepted the two’s apology and forgave them. Tunaini is now warning young women to steer clear of this situation, as she too has experienced shame despite the fact that her father provides for her children.

He has been trying to get her to sleep with him, but she has decided to finally say no. Kenyans expressed their skepticism about the story in the comments section.