Ksh 5K Fine for Kenyans who Fail to Use Footbridges KeNHA demands

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has issued a stern warning to citizens regarding the usage of footbridges positioned across the nation’s highways. In a recently shared video on March 28th, it was explicitly stated that disregarding footbridges and crossing roads elsewhere constitutes an offense.

KeNHA has specified that individuals who fail to utilize the provided footbridges may face substantial fines, with penalties reaching up to Ksh5,000 for the violation. Moreover, the minimum fine for such transgression has been set at Ksh500.

Illustrating the severity of the issue, KeNHA’s cautionary statement included a reminder that disregarding footbridges could result in fines ranging from approximately Ksh500 to Ksh5,000. Despite the risks, some individuals persist in crossing roads to save time, prompting the authority to emphasize the importance of prioritizing safety over convenience.

This advisory video release by the highways authority follows the arrest of 30 individuals in various areas of Nairobi during a coordinated operation conducted by the police in conjunction with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). Notably, NTSA has announced plans to escalate its enforcement activities in response to the escalating incidence of accidents.

Highlighting the necessity of adherence to traffic regulations, NTSA emphasized the obligation for pedestrians to utilize available footbridges, walkways, and designated crossing points to ensure their safety. In a statement, NTSA expressed the morning’s detentions of pedestrians who failed to comply with traffic rules, urging pedestrians to observe these regulations to avoid any inconvenience.

Statistical data from NTSA regarding accidents underscores the grave risks faced by pedestrians on Kenyan roads. For instance, in 2023, 1,591 pedestrians tragically lost their lives in accidents, surpassing the fatalities among motorcyclists, which numbered at 1,133. Additionally, 382 drivers lost their lives in road accidents during the same period. However, the overall toll of road accidents in the previous year stood at 4,324 fatalities, with a staggering 10,769 individuals sustaining injuries.