“Wakenya Hamtaona 2058”:Yesu Wa Tongaren Makes Comeback With Prophecy To Kenyans

Eliud Wekesa, commonly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has reemerged onto the public stage with a startling new prophecy. After a prolonged absence, he has returned with a prediction that has left many netizens feeling uneasy.

Yesu wa Tongaren had been conspicuously absent from public view for several months, during which time it appears he was engrossed in seeking new revelations to share with his followers. His latest prophecy forewarns that many individuals from the current generation will not live to see the year 2058.

In 2023, Wekesa proclaimed himself as the son of God, entrusted with the task of guiding humanity, hence adopting the moniker Yesu wa Tongaren. Addressing Kenyans on March 19, he delivered his prophetic message, asserting that none from the present generation would witness the year 2058.

“The world itself will not meet its end, but rather, the current generation will gradually diminish in numbers until the year 2058,” he declared. He also emphasized his abstinence from substances like marijuana and alcohol.

Yesu wa Tongaren’s prophecy has emerged shortly after another prediction made by a prophet from Healing FM. This other prophecy suggests that a well-known female TikToker residing abroad will suffer a sudden collapse and perish while broadcasting live.

“I had a vision of a woman collapsing and passing away during a live broadcast. This woman, a Kenyan residing in Europe, is widely recognized, yet many are unaware of her underlying health issues,” the prophecy conveyed. It urged vigilance in anticipation of this tragic event.

Both prophecies have stirred discussion and speculation among the public, highlighting the enduring fascination with such predictions and their impact on societal consciousness.