“Naeza Zaa Na President Nikitaka” Karen To A Fan Who Said Being Married To A Constable is Nothing

Karen Nyamu, a prominent Kenyan leader and politician, is known for engaging in heated exchanges with her social media followers whenever they discuss her romantic involvement with Samidoh. Despite Samidoh being married to Eddy Nderitu, the two have parented two children together.

Recently, Karen Nyamu shared a video depicting her and Samidoh enjoying a meal, during which she emphatically expressed that she belongs to Samidoh. A follower took the opportunity to comment on the post, questioning what Karen would have done if she had children with a county commandant like herself. The follower pointed out that even in her relationship with a police constable, she consistently showcases it on social media.

In response, a visibly upset Karen Nyamu retorted to the comment, asserting that she could even bear children with the president if she so desired, emphasizing her disregard for the status of a police commandant in comparison. She expressed her stance on prioritizing love over what she considered as “useless titles,” signifying her deep affection for Samidoh, irrespective of his rank within the police force. Furthermore, Karen stated that the police commandant she referenced also respects her, citing her position as a senator.