Christina Shusho reveals why she got married just after Form Four

Gospel sensation Christina Shusho, hailing from Tanzania, recently shed light on the circumstances surrounding her marriage at the tender age of 19.

The acclaimed vocalist renowned for her hit “Shusha Nyavu” recounted her mother’s apprehensions, attributing her youthful nuptials to concerns over her striking beauty, which raised fears of potential moral pitfalls.

Reflecting on her decision, Shusho, who had just completed her secondary education at the time, disclosed, “I tied the knot at 19, quite young. Fresh out of Form Four, I possessed an exceptional beauty that caused my mother much worry about potential risks to our family’s reputation.”

Shusho emphasized her youthful allure, stating, “Back then, I was undeniably more beautiful than I am now. Consequently, when a suitor expressed interest in me to my mother, she consented out of concern. Truly, my beauty was quite striking.”

In a separate interview, Shusho delved into her choice to part ways with her spouse, Pastor John Shusho, and remove her wedding ring, linking her actions to her unwavering dedication to her divine calling in ministry.

She shared, “My decisions have always been anchored in honesty and truth. The reality is, it’s purely a matter of divine calling. Nothing else has altered. The task bestowed upon me by God necessitated a departure from my previous situation. I had to venture forth to fulfill my purpose.”

Shusho also clarified her stance on her pastoral designation, expressing discontent with the title and distancing herself from it.