‘Simtaki Niko na mtu CUTE’ Disappointment as Ngesh Rejects Stivo SIMPLE BOY Proposal

Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker, Ngesh, delivers a disappointing blow as she turns down Stivo Simple Boy’s proposal. Stivo had ventured to express his romantic interest, only to face rejection from Ngesh.

Despite his existing relationship with Grace Otieno, Stivo Simple Boy openly confessed his admiration for the Gengetone sensation singer, Ngesh Wa Vasha. During a recent interview, Stivo candidly shared his feelings with the star member of the Spider Clan.

Ngesh Politely Declines Stivo Simple Boy’s Romantic Advances After a brief online exchange, Ngesh has finally addressed the situation. She responded with a firm “No” to Stivo’s proposal.

In an interview with Milele FM host Ankali Ray, Ngesh explained that she is already committed to someone else and no longer holds any romantic interest in Stivo. She stated, “Mbona sasa nimtake Stivo,” underscoring her current relationship status.

Stivo Simple Boy, who has yet to comment on the matter, is reportedly experiencing heartbreak, leaving his fans eagerly anticipating his response.

Furthermore, the nature of their potential collaboration in the music realm remains uncertain. Speculation lingers among fans, suggesting that there might have been some musical collaboration in the works. Such online exchanges and disputes between celebrities have become a familiar sight for fans of the entertainment scene.