‘I survived on rotten tomatoes!’ Stephen Letoo narrates

In a recent interview with Royal Media organization, renowned Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo candidly shared his experiences of university life, describing it as a tough and challenging journey. He revealed that he lived in a slum in Kawangware, Nairobi, and struggled to make ends meet.

Letoo arrived in the city with high hopes of success in his studies, but soon realized that without financial support from his parents and a source of income, life would be difficult. He reminisced about buying rotten tomatoes for 50 cents to use as vegetables for his meals, as he could not afford to buy fresh produce.

Despite the hardships he faced, Letoo was determined to succeed and found inspiration in his father’s small, broken television, which was a source of news and information for many villagers in their community. It was this experience that led him to pursue a career in journalism.

Now, as a successful journalist in the political affairs field, Letoo is proud of his accomplishments and the impact he has had on the industry. He was even recognized by President Ruto on his inauguration day, due to his diligent and speedy reporting leading up to the general election in August 2021. Reflecting on his journey, Letoo said, “I have traveled the world, met wonderful people, and had humbling experiences. The speed and adrenaline of the campaign was an experience of a lifetime.”