Shock as Popular Bishop Catches His Wife in The Act with Another Woman

My wife Trizah! That was her name. I was so proud of her that I introduced her to everyone I met
including the angels in heaven.
Little did I know that I actually didn’t know Trizah. We were married in a colorful church wedding.
Ok let me begin from the very first time we met. My mum, a very big church elder in Nairobi was a
friend to her dad. So they organized this meeting between us immediately she jetted from Germany,
where she had been studying medicine.

We were married within one year after our first meeting. Despite the fact that our marriage had been
organized by our parents, I actually loved Trizah because she was knowledgeable.
I took up my position as a church leader and she started working at one of her dad’s hospital. Life was
good, at least in the public eyes.
People didn’t know that our love life was struggling. We would go for days without getting intimate. This
explains why we didn’t have kids in five years of marriage.
Most times, Trizah would come home tired and go to bed immediately. Any attempts to wake her up at
night bore no fruits.

I was left a frustrated man with a lot of hot blood. Were it not for the fact that I was a pastor, I would
have eaten the church flock.
I tried praying for our problems to go away but there is that famous Swahili Saying About Mganga
Hajigangui. Yes, I prayed for the congregants but I didn’t know if the same prayers could work on me.
After we hit rock bottom, I decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a popular herbalist. I explained
to him that I was not getting any conjugal action from my wife.
Dr. Mugwenu promised to help me get to the root bottom of the matter. That same evening, I came
home late only to find my wife in her car, packed outside with another woman. They were having a
passionate session.

When I confronted her, Trizah told me she had been a lesbian since her time abroad and had only
married me because of pressure.
We decided there and then to have her bring other women to our bedroom because we were not going
to divorce.
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