Reasons Muthee kiengei is leaving Gatungu AIPCA church -

Reasons Muthee kiengei is leaving Gatungu AIPCA church

Muthee Kiengei, a media personality turned preacher, has left Gatundu South Diocesan Church to start his own ministry.

Having received his canonical ordination, Kiengei was appointed to the church, but in a recent video on TikTok, he revealed that it was time for him to become a bishop, which was not possible in his previous church.

When asked about his departure, Kiengei stated that he spent over KSh 60,000 every Sunday to serve God and that he was leaving the church to avoid using it for his benefit.

“I was ordained two years ago. I want to be a bishop not to benefit myself but to serve a larger area of service. I have never eaten tithe for the past two years.

We use eight cars every day and the one that uses less fuel spends KSh 3,000. All my team members are paid. Every Sunday I spent KSh 60,000 to serve my God. It is good to speak the truth and say the church has never funded me for that.”

Kiengei is known for being a heavy spender, as evidenced by his son’s luxurious fifth birthday party, which was well-planned and attended by friends.