"Wanawake Nairobi wananitaka cha Nguvu" MC Gogo on Fame and Women -

“Wanawake Nairobi wananitaka cha Nguvu” MC Gogo on Fame and Women

“In the words of Oprah Winfrey, America’s renowned talk show host, ‘If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are.’ These cautionary words have resonated with Franklin Mark Gogo, popularly known as MC Gogo, a sensational TikTok hype man, as he navigates his newfound fame. While he strives to heed Winfrey’s advice, MC Gogo faces numerous challenges, with one of the main hurdles being his encounters with women.

At the age of 25, MC Gogo is pursuing a degree in Counselling and Sociology at Kenyatta University. His rise to fame can be attributed to his exceptional talent as a voice artist. Through his deep voice and the skillful delivery of humor intertwined with relatable truths, he has captivated audiences, often delivering his performances alongside a DJ’s set.

MC Gogo’s popularity has attracted attention from DJs eager to collaborate with him, and nightclubs vying to secure him as their host. However, along with the adoration comes unwanted attention from women, including his ex-girlfriend.

Reflecting on the situation, MC Gogo acknowledges the challenges posed by women, particularly in Nairobi. He shares instances where he has been approached in peculiar ways, confessing, ‘Ladies do bother me in some weird ways. I am not sure if that’s what they call crushing, but you find a lady is too obsessed with you that she can’t even comprehend.’

One incident that left MC Gogo uncomfortable occurred while he was hosting an event at a nightclub in Nairobi. He recounts the unsettling experience of a lady who stared at him incessantly, seemingly entranced like a zombie. The intensity of her gaze momentarily disrupted his focus.

Furthermore, MC Gogo reveals how another woman attempted to undermine his current relationship. This individual approached his girlfriend, inquiring about her knowledge of him, despite their lack of proximity. Recognizing her intent to cause tension, he decided to sever ties with her, understanding the motive behind her actions.

Interestingly, MC Gogo’s ex-girlfriend unexpectedly reached out to him. Her motivation stemmed from viral video clips of his performances, which she wanted to leverage to gain credibility among her friends. After his call to her, they managed to maintain a cordial friendship.

Amidst the frenzy created by these encounters with women, MC Gogo commends his girlfriend of over a year. He appreciates her understanding of his profession and the demands it entails. They share a mutual understanding of the pressures he faces, which enables them to navigate the unnecessary scrutiny.

To cope with the overwhelming attention from women, MC Gogo has established personal boundaries. As a naturally talkative and friendly person, he is inclined to engage in conversations with anyone, even strangers. However, he acknowledges the misconception this can create, making it essential for him to define his limits.

Additionally, MC Gogo addresses a recent viral skit in which he humorously mocks instances where girlfriends cheat on their boyfriends by claiming their male friends or acquaintances are simply ‘besties’ or ‘brothers.’ While he acknowledges the prevalence of such situations in the city, he also recognizes that there are individuals who remain true to themselves and do not engage in such behavior.

In conclusion, MC Gogo’s journey to fame has been accompanied by numerous challenges, primarily related to his interactions with women. Despite the complexities that arise, he remains grounded and focused, adhering to the advice imparted by Oprah Winfrey. With the support of his understanding girlfriend and the establishment of personal boundaries, MC Gogo continues to thrive in his career while staying true to himself.”