“sitaki pesa ya shetani” Boy Wins Sh10Million Bet Using Sh100, His Father demands he Returns The Money

A father recently confronted his 19-year-old son over a significant windfall of 10 million Kenyan shillings, which the young man had unexpectedly acquired from a mere 100 shillings bet in sports betting.

The son found himself in possession of an unexpected fortune, but his father’s principles clashed strongly with the idea of profiting from sports betting. Consequently, he promptly demanded that his son return the money to its source.

This family dilemma came to light when an anonymous message appeared on the messaging platform NGL, later gaining wider attention when CorrectNG shared the details. In the message, the boy’s brother sought guidance from the public on how to handle the situation. He expressed worries about upcoming rent payments and the escalating tension between their father and his wife stemming from the refusal to accept the betting winnings.

Despite the fortunate turn of events for the son, the father remained resolute in his stance, adamantly refusing to allow the money to enter their household and insisting it be returned to the betting company.