Lanes!!! Meet young Kenyan lady who deposited Sh90million like it was nothing (video)

A young Kenyan woman residing in the US has left citizens amazed by revealing that she had just received a staggering cheque worth Sh90 million. Yvonne Mugure, in a video posted on Tuesday, July 26, excitedly shares her plans of purchasing her very first home in Kenya.

In the video, Yvonne expresses her enthusiasm while taking her fans along on her house-hunting journey. She proclaims her genuine love for Kenya and her desire to establish her roots in the country. Even though she plans to continue traveling back and forth between the US and Kenya, she affirms that Kenya will be her primary residence.

As the video progresses, Yvonne takes viewers on a drive through Kenyan streets, en route to the bank to deposit the substantial cheque of Sh90 million. She proudly shares that the money comes from a significant business deal, displaying a portion of the cheque to validate its authenticity.

Having been a Kenyan based in the US, Yvonne has been seriously contemplating relocating to Kenya, and purchasing a home is one of her immediate goals. The prospect of acquiring the property fills her with excitement, and she attributes her decision to a past experience when she lived with a mentor who owned a beautiful mansion in Kenya, which left a lasting impression on her.

Yvonne’s passion for Kenya and her family motivates her to invest in the country and consider it her primary home. Despite continuing to work and do business in the US, she is eager to have a home in Kenya.

In the video, she takes fans to a furniture shop where she contemplates buying household items. She proceeds to make a purchase of Sh600,000, which includes items such as a kids’ bedroom set, nightstands, a shelf, a beige sofa, and accent armchairs.

In conclusion, Yvonne Mugure’s journey to acquiring her dream home in Kenya showcases her love for the country and her commitment to investing in its future. Her significant cheque serves as a testament to her hard work and determination in achieving her goals.