World class Hotels owned by Kenyatta Family -

World class Hotels owned by Kenyatta Family

The Kenyatta family is without a doubt the wealthiest in the country, possessing enormous wealth throughout various industries. The Kenyatta family has been eager to make significant investments in the hospitality industry, which is predicted to be worth billions of shillings. We presents a comprehensive list of the hotels that the Kenyatta family owns in this article.

Voyager Ziwani hotel

The Voyager Ziwani hotel is situated in the Taita Taveta county portion of the Tsavo West National Park. The resort offers a clear view of hippos, crocodiles, and turtles because it is located right next to a marsh and the River Sante. Near the Kenya-Tanzania border, Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen in the distance on a clear day. A tented camp, free Wi-Fi, and an airstrip are a some of the amenities offered. You might spend up to Ksh 20,000 per person to spend the night there.

Mara Interpids.

The renowned Maasai Mara wildlife reserve has The Mara Interpids. One of the greatest places to see the wildebeest migration is from the tented camp and hotel, which is located near to River Talek. The camp is connected to Nairobi city by an airstrip in about 45 minutes by fly. You can go on a game drive and enjoy watching the wildlife while staying at the hotel. The price per person to spend the night in the tent camp can reach Ksh 50,000.

Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort

In the county of Nakuru, in the town of Naivasha, sits the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort. The majority of the country’s powerful people and politicians frequently go to this historic hotel. The hotel, which is located right next to Lake Naivasha, provides one of the best views of both the lake and the Great Rift Valley. An 18-hole championship golf course, a private airfield, a gym, and heated swimming pools are just a few of the resort’s attractions. From 2015 to 2019, guests of the hotel chose it as the Best Golf Hotel in Kenya for the World Tourism Awards. The hotel’s nightly rate per person ranges from Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 150,000.

Kipungani Explorer

The Kipungani Explorer is located in the tropical island of Lamu, close to the Indian Ocean’s shoreline. The hotel, which has 13 luxurious areas, is well-known for its crystal-clear beaches, which are excellent for unwinding and relaxing. The hotel is the ideal location for romantic getaways like honeymoons and anniversaries. One night at the hotel could cost up to Ksh 110,000 for one person.

Samburu Interpids Luxury Tented Camp.

The Samburu Interpids Luxury Tented Camp is situated inside the Samburu Game reserve. Sitting along River Uaso Nyiro, the hotel offers a fascinating view of hippopotamus and crocodiles swimming in the river. While at the hotel you can take day or night game drives or visit the Buffalo Springs Reserve. Sleeping at the facility will cost one person up to Ksh 50,000 for a night.