Kenyans Flock for Worldcoin , Here is What it is All About.

Worldcoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project that was founded by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. At its core, Worldcoin offers a groundbreaking feature known as the World ID, described as a “digital passport” designed to prove the authenticity of its holder as a genuine human rather than an AI bot.

During its beta period, the project attracted an impressive user base of 2 million individuals. Now, with its official launch on Monday, Worldcoin is expanding its “orbing” operations to encompass 35 cities in 20 countries. As a special incentive, users who sign up in select countries will receive Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency token, WLD.

The Worldcoin white paper outlines that over the span of 15 years, a total of 10 billion WLD will be issued. At present, there are 143 million WLD in circulation following the official launch. Among this supply, 43 million WLD have been allocated to verified World App users, while 100 million WLD were sent to market makers to facilitate trading.

The launch of Worldcoin marks the culmination of years of development. One of its crucial features is the use of iris-scanning technology to ensure fair distribution of coins and prevent fraudulent activities. The eye-scanning “orb” lies at the heart of the Worldcoin project, requiring in-person usage to grant users a unique digital identity and verify their status as genuine humans.

A key objective of Worldcoin is to establish a global distribution system for Universal Basic Income (UBI), providing regular financial support to everyone from the government or a relevant organization to meet their basic needs.

At the initial stage of the launch, Worldcoin Orbs are available in major cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Paris, Lisbon, Mexico City, São Paulo, Nairobi, New York, San Francisco, and approximately 25 other cities worldwide. This extensive reach indicates the project’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on a global scale.